Why Trump’s New Hedge Fund BFFs Are Hedging Their Bets

August 26, 2016

Episode 16 - With Trump being an unpredictable wild card in this year’s election race, his cabal of new billionaire hedge fund buddies are hedging their bets by buying Congress and the Senate, so no matter which blonde gets into office, they can be sure that their interests are taken care of. To do this, in some key swing states, they’re spending millions betting against a Trump White House. 


In this week’s Best Democracy Money Can Buy: Election Crimes Bulletin, Flashpoints’ Dennis J. Bernstein and investigative reporter Greg Palast discuss the special needs of these mega-rich vote-manipulating vultures and the specifics of what they hope to get in return for their election-rigging investments.


Trump and the 13 Losers behind him

August 22, 2016

Episode 15 - Trump is a loaded weapon let loose on this election, and now he's backed by 13 people he once called "losers." Let's take a look at who these guys are and just what they have in mind for this election, shall we?

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The Trump Who Cried Wolf

August 15, 2016

Episode 14 - Greg Palast, and Flashpoints’ Dennis J. Bernstein discuss the North Carolina decision that struck down the state’s anti-voting law, alongside similar recent rulings in Texas, Wisconsin, and North Dakota. (A more temporary decision, which came down on July 29, also reversed vote suppression measures enacted by Kansas Secretary of State, and Vote-Rigger-In-Chief, Kris Kobach.) 

But first, Palast and Bernstein address Trump’s “concerns”.