Sanders’ voters will lose their vote today

June 7, 2016

Episode 7 - Bruce C Carter, leader for Black Men for Bernie, and Greg Palast tell Flashpoints' Dennis Bernstein how to save your vote in California. 

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Placebo Ballots: Stealing California from Bernie

June 1, 2016

Episode 6 - Greg Palast and Dennis Bernstein reveal how California poll workers have been told to give all independent voters "provisional" ballots if they want to vote in Democratic Party. That’s illegal — and to insure that Sanders voter’s ballots end up in the garbage, uncounted.

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The Urgency of Now: Fighting the ‘Hysteria Factory’

May 27, 2016

Episode 5 - The Best Democracy Money Can Buy podcast with bestselling investigative reporter Greg Palast and Flashpoints’ host, Dennis J Bernstein. This week they are joined by actress and Voto Latino spokeswoman Rosario Dawson as they delve into what Greg calls the hysteria machine and voter fraud.


The Trump GOP Hitman Who’ll Steal Your Vote

May 6, 2016

Week two of The Best Democracy Money Can Buy Podcast with Greg Palast and Dennis Bernstein. Bringing you all the news that you need on election protection. This week Palast and Bernstein discuss the man behind Voter ID, SB1070 and the Crosscheck Voter Suppression Program - Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach. Listen in.